Heather’s Style Analysis: Significance, Semiotics and Strata

Known for the uber-relevant teen-lingo, the 1988 classic is more-so known for its costume design and color coding, often crowned as the one to inspire Mean Girls. How very.


Heather Duke: The Jealous Victim

Right: Duke’s outfits turn from bright green to pastels as she transitions to red.
Left: Honestly, I am not sure why this outfit was chosen, it does not match with any of her previous ensembles at all. Right: Shades of green are splashed as she asks for signatures.

Jason Dean: Harbinger of Demolition

  1. The entrance has him in a dark green shirt with black accents, an oversized worn out black coat, a small earring in his left ear, straight fit jeans and (although not too clearly shown) converse in black.



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Kruti Kanaskar

Fashion Journalist | Runways, movies and style reviews with occasional opinions | krutikanaskar00@gmail.com